The Site With No Purpose

I’m going to be completely honest, this site has no real defined purpose. I mostly created this for me as a landing place for my thoughts, projects, ideas, and learnings. The hope is that eventually, something will spin out of this stew. The dream is that someone will connect with something I say and it will make a positive impact on their progression.

Ultimately, I know this will improve my writing, imparticular grammar. If there is some English 101 error please politely point it out to me. I’ll never learn unless you tell me.

Quickly About Me

I’m a Software Engineer living in Fort Lauderdale, Fl working in Washington DC.

I’ve been a Physicist, Musician, Software Engineer, and a deep thinker. The constants in my life are the Ocean and Golden Retrievers.

I love learning new things and skills. My goal is to dig deep in each passion and turn around a teach these skills in some capacity.

I’m big into self-development and can easily see other point views. One of my favorite things is to pose a hypothetical and see how it plays out.

See my about me for more details.

See my Now for what I’m working on now.