Psycho-Cybernetics – Book Notes

Title: Psycho-CyberneticsAuthor: Maxwell Maltz, Md FICSFormat (Audio/Physical): PhysicalNarrator: Version or Published Date: Updated and Expanded (2015)When Read: 10/2018 – 6/2019Comment: This is my first set of book notes. I started this book before I decided to start publishing my book notes so this maybe incomplete. Preface The self-image is changed, for better or worse, not …

A Positive Outlook on the 2050 Extinction Report

Last week we saw the release of Existential Climate-Related Security Risk: A Scenario Approach by David Spatt and Ian Dunlop, which projected a world-wide catastrophic scenario by 2050. Much of the media has reported that the world will end in 2050 based on this report. Though the report does paint a bleak picture if actions are not taken, I see a more optimistic picture for humanity and global-consciousness.


Faith is an important value to cultivate. It is the emotion and habit that allows us to maintain persistence in action and thought. Could you imagine people that have accomplished great feats, rising up without faith? Could have the Sons and Daughters of the American revolution rise up to face the more powerful British without faith in their ideals? Could Henry Ford have created the first single casted V8 motor without faith that it was possible? Could the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team create the miracle on ice without faith in their selves and the training they’ve received? However, faith is a loaded term.