Book Notes

Book notes are posts of notes that I took on books, which I either read or listened to. Please note the following

  • These are notes and highlighted excerpts from the book and may not be complete thoughts.
  • Unless noted else where the text is directly from the book. I give all credit to the author’s for all content.
  • Where possible I’ve included as much context as possible.
  • These are excerpts that had relevance when I read them and their relevance may change with time or with the individual
  • Some are comparisons of my experiences
  • It’s hard to take notes on audiobooks so audiobook notes may just be a synopsis or a review.
  • Often if an Audiobook impacts me enough, I’ll buy a physical copy and skim it to highlight the most impactful sections.
  • Some podcasts impact me greatly too, some notes may be of podcasts
  • When I re-read a book it will result in a new post with a link to the old notes
  • I read physical books very slowly and usually rip through audio quickly
  • The below Template will be at the top of each post for context.
  • As I do my first note I realize it is very much like studying a text book in college. Most I didn’t just read, but I copied notes and rewrote idea to ensure they sank in. This is very similar, but they are the text books to my consciousness, brain, soul. The missing manuals from life.


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