Movement explorer

Why do we go to the gym and lift heavy things, focus on health, and sweat? Some common answer are to look good, feel better, or its fun. For me this was the case, but it has become more. In early 2021 I had one of the most devastating losses in my life and really turned to fitness to manage the grief, anxiety, and pent up energy. I was really blessed to have started a movement practice and having a community to support me and give me an outlet for these emotions. Movement has become an obsession and guiding focus, just behind Jesus, in my life. I left the area where this movement culture existed and I seek to build a similar culture in my current location.

So what is movement you ask? Well its exactly that… moving your body, but what we do in daily life is only a portion of what the body is capable. By exploring different disciplines such as Tricking, Caporeia, Yoga, Martial Arts, and Dance we can safely expand our personal definition of movement and create a body that move well through out our entire life. The best part of movement is there is no wrong answers and we learn from our “mistakes”.

My aim is build this community through self exploration, sharing, learning from others, and teaching what I’ve learned. Reach out on instagram if you’re interested in learning more.

  • All levels are welcome
  • All disciples are welcome
What I’m looking for
  • Weekly meet ups
  • An open space
  • A space to host sessions
  • Open mind sets about what you are capable of
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