For the best details on my professional career as a software engineer, it’s best to visit LinkedIn.

I am a consultant and always have been a consultant. I’m a self-taught engineer who always chooses to focus on solving business problems over using the cutting edge technology. I find that most engineers describe themselves as a technologist, someone who’s on the cutting edge and always wanting to implement the latest and greatest. That is great we need people to push the envelope and make better tools.

I fall under the camp of a problem solver. I believe that 80% of the problems can be solved with 20% of the tools. The biggest issue with software engineering is understanding the domain and solving a problem efficiently using best-practices in a way that is a win-win for all parties involved. My talent lies in quickly understanding complicated domains and communicating it to engineers and project owners alike.

My core belief as a consultant has always been I’m hired to put myself out of a job.

My expertise is in data acquisition, particularly Extract Transform and Load (ETL). I’ve acquired this through building ingest pipelines in the Pharmaceutical, Digital Archive, and Entertainment industries.

I love to solve these problems and am currently working on materials for teaching, best-practices, and speaking engagements in this subject area.


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